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Product Photography Services

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Product Photography is an expertise I developed and enjoyed for over two decades. In fact it was my product photography and access to high end medium format studio cameras and lenses that first got me hooked into Landscape, Wilderness and Nature. Over these years I was shooting for seven global manufacturing companies from small servo drives to vehicle sized industrial machines to large rooftop and equipment room installations with controls and piping. 

Product photography is very specialized because of the many shapes, textures, shiny and dull surfaces, intricate areas and areas very difficult to light. Add the fact that many will be used for large prints and trade show graphics so attention to detail is paramount. I recall years of shooting huge machines in dark dusty manufacturing areas. I would often shoot during off hours and lug in medium and large format transparency film cameras, four large strobes with umbrellas, four small hidden battery operated strobes, scrims, snoots, flags, booms, soft boxes, umbrellas,hard lights... the works. I shot hundreds of industrial items from quite small to quite large and equipment installation sites for many years. I shot and developed Polaroid black and white test shots and viewed everything upside down. Oh the good old days. 

Now everything is digital. I still only shoot medium and large format cameras and only use Leica and Rodenstock lenses to assure the highest image quality, dynamic range and fine details. Over the decades I worked with a professional graphics and pre-press company and became an Adobe and CorelDRAW Trainer. Since then I have continued to work at the leading edges of color work and retouching. I know how to take images from good to great. It is an integral part of my overall workflow and makes the final images outstanding. And since I was managing literature and web production, I knew what was needed from the start to make the company look great in print and online. 

The Affinity Studio is now equipped with five strobes with various light modifiers, wireless session recording and direct to computer "tethered" photography to a large high-res monitor. Often I am required to travel on-location to photograph larger equipment and installations. New more compact strobes, foldable soft boxes and reflectors make it easy. Pricing for in-studio and remote product and system photography are reasonable and the results are truly professional. 

Below are sample industrial photographs taken while I was a proud partner in this company.