Portrait & Head-Shot Photography

Portrait & Head-Shot Photography

The Affinity Studio

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Portrait and especially HeadShot photography is just FUN. As we bring out your best in front of a camera - with approachability and confidence and a hint of a smile, we have a winner.  I still only shoot medium and large format cameras and only use Leica and Rodenstock lenses to assure the highest image quality, dynamic range, ultra-smooth gradations and skin tones. The Leica is known as making perhaps the finest portrait and fashion cameras and lenses.

I worked with a large professional graphics and pre-press company and became an Adobe Photoshop  Trainer. Since then I have continued to work at the leading edges of color and retouching using the very latest software tools and techniques. I know how to take images from good to great, including the newest approaches to perfect skin retouching. It is an integral part of my overall workflow and makes the final images outstanding. And again... a excellent good head shot is an enjoyable experience for us both. 

The Affinity Studio is well equipped with five strobes with various light modifiers such as large octabox with grid, strip light with grid, hair light with barn doors, rectangular soft boxes and hard light sources, wireless session recording and direct to computer "tethered" photography to a large high-res monitor. All Images are taken at 16 bits. (This is not two times 8-bit like in JPG images - it is eight more zeros of color precision and accuracy! Only medium format cameras can give you this depth of color nuance and contrast)

Often I am required to travel on-location. New more compact strobes, foldable soft boxes and reflectors make it easy. Pricing for in-studio and remote portrait photography are reasonable and the results are truly professional. Discounts are available for multiple people for corporations and events.

Affinity Studio is a Verified Professional with Peter Hurleys's Headshot Crew based in New York. 

Below are a few sample photographs taken recently.