Bubble-Net Surprise

Bubble-Net Surprise

The Affinity Studio

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We all see the birds. More than a dozen, hovering ever so close to the waters edge is a small area, looking down.. The captain calls out... Quickly, put your cameras on burst mode and when the first bird hits the water start shooting and keep shooting. We had no idea what to except and there was no tine to explain. The whales provided the answer soon enough. 

The whale family forms well below a nice school of fish, The matriarch then goes away and takes a deep breath of air, and then dives and quickly swims in a wide circle around the school of fish from below, releasing her massive lungs into this circle. As the bubbles rise, so do the whales, just below. The bubbles force the fish into a tighter circle and confuses them long enough for the family of whales to engorge themselves with a fresh meal... the matriarch rising up from the center of her family and highest into the air. 

The brave bird that gets the first confused fish without being eaten is the winner. But so were we... 

Affinity Studio specializes in photographing and producing large size fine-art photographs from nature, and guiding "Adventures" for fellow photographers or just friends of nature to the most beautiful places we can find in Central America.

Fine-art images from Affinity Studio are photographed using only medium and large format cameras with Leica and Rodenstock high resolution lenses. All images are captured, imaged and printed at 16-bit color depth and at highest resolution for extraordinary print detail and rich natural colors. All Affinity Studio images are printed either using Cromira photographic processes using Fuji Crystal Archive or Fuli Flex substrate or by using high resolution pigment based fine art inks onto specially engineered Pearl Metallic Fine Art paper. Both of these materials come alive with brilliance and color when properly lit.This is much closer to how the human eye sees, so a stunning presence like being there is enjoyed when face-mounted to art-grade acrylic so all the detail and color comes through. 

We produce our acrylic face mounted prints in four sizes, 13x19 for easy travel, 24x36, 32x48 and 40x60. We also have large aluminum prints available up to 48" x 72". While not quite the "presentation" of true acrylic face mounting, aluminum prints of Affinity images are spectacular, lighter weight cost-effective. 

The face of the acrylic mounted prints are laminated to art-grade cast acrylic using a very special double-release glue and under precise temperature, lamination speed and pressure. The edges of our acrylic sheets are polished so that light from the image reflects through the 1/4 thick edge creating a very nice edge effect. Then we laminate ACM, or Aluminum Composite Material to the back of the print to completely seal it forever and to provide an aluminum material for the structural aluminum mounting frame we epoxy to the back. We then crimp stranded aircraft cable to the metal frame for secure hanging. This makes the print stand off the wall about an inch and maintains absolute flatness in the acrylic. This impressive wall art is totally humidity proof, the inks are rated for 150 years, there is no wood to warp the image or become bug infested over time in the tropics and acrylic is easily cleanable with just water and light detergent and a soft cloth. The overall frame-less presentation is modern and the best display for stunning quality fine-art photography. We and other artists believe the acrylic process surpasses direct aluminum printing in overall print quality and sense of presence because of the restricted color gamut of aluminum printing technology. 

 Review our Certificate of Authenticity with every fine-art print to acrylic. 

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