Affinity Interiors - Sample Fine-Art Installations

Affinity Interiors - Sample Fine-Art Installations

The Affinity Studio

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Sample Fine-Art Installations

Here you can find photos of various fine-art acrylic face mounted prints on the walls of homes, offices, restaurants, resorts and hotels. 

For me, the final gratitude for living here and beholding such inspiring and beautiful locations on this planet is the life-like photo print on the wall for all to share and enjoy. Every detail from our image capture techniques to calibrated high-resolution printing and perfected lamination directly to art-grade cast acrylic reflects the ultimate goal of recreating the breathless presence of being there. 

Our gratitude extends to the people who choose these images to create a wonderful presence of nature's beauty in your rooms. We thank the homeowners, business people, hotels, restaurants and resorts who share the passion for this unique method and compelling photographic fine-art.

We print three sizes -  24" x 36",  32" x 48" and 40" x 60". They can be assembled as panels for even larger walls and dramatic panoramic effects across straight or staggered panels.

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