Corcovado Jungle Extreme Adventure - 3 Night Add-On

Corcovado Extreme Jungle Adventure - 3 Night Add-On

Tuesday March 12, 2018 to Friday March 15, 2018
Monday April 16, 2018 to Thursday April 18, 2018

Ready for an Extreme Adventure and chances to photograph the animals and scenes of something special? This 3-night and 4-day Adventure in the Corcovado National Park on the remote Osa Peninsula of Costa-Rica is your dream life experience when you add it to one of our other Full Adventures. See All Affinity Adventures here...

Quoted from Wikipedia...

"Corcovado is home to a sizable population of the endangered Baird's tapir and even a small population of the very rare harpy eagle. The park's rivers and lagoons are home to populations of both the American crocodile and spectacled caiman, along with bull sharks. Corcovado is also one of the final strongholds of the jaguar within Central America and several other felines are also present, including ocelotmargayjaguarundi, and puma. The elusive Jaguar is a large, beautiful and potentially intimidating feline but is generally regarded as shy and harmless. All four Costa Rican monkey species can be seen within the park, including the endangered Central American squirrel monkeywhite-faced capuchinmantled howler, and Geoffroy's spider monkey. Other mammals present include two-toed and three-toed slothcollared peccarynorthern tamandua and silky anteaterPoison dart frogs and several species of snake (including the venomous fer-de-lance and bushmaster) are also common within the park, with scarlet macaws (the largest population in the country) flying overhead."

The Osa Peninsula and around Drake Bay is graced by a large population of Humpback whales. They are around almost eight months a year in this area with July-November and December-March being the best months. If our boat captain suggest the timing is right, we will take advantage of this opportunity to get terrific photographs of these magnificent whales. More than 20 varieties of whales have been seen here. 

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