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Affinity Studio is pleased to announce its new PHOTO ADVENTURES and WORKSHOPS, held in magnificent photo locations throughout Central and South America beginning in 2017. Panama, Costa-Rica, Ecuador, Colombia and Bolivia are in the works. We are working with experienced guides, naturalists, hotels and operators to customize the very best photo opportunities and life experiences for photographers, nature, birds and videographers who appreciate the excitement of nature adventures and the love of re-living them with fine-art prints and in film.


are just a few of the amazing natural areas we explore. Travel up narrow tropical waterways by small boats, watch the Capuchin white faced monkeys or capture those sneaky caiman eyes peeking above the black waterline. Photograph amazing birds in a wide variety of size and colors, perhaps an ant-eater will grace our adventure, it has mine. Wander along lush pathways through rich jungles with foliage the size of a person and hundreds of species of colorful birds and other wildlife. Stay in modern facilities or in traditional cane huts hand made by the charming and friendly indigenous peoples who also will dive to their undersea traps to retrieve a fresh Sagu crab for our evening feast!  

Hike jungle and palm laden paths, dine with the Embera or Guna Yala peoples, photograph incredible rain forests, video cloud forests from above the canopy, and enjoy the stunning bio-diversity and colors of flora, fauna and wildlife unlike anything in more northern climates. This is new territory for most adventurers. Our Corcovado Extreme Jungle Adventure can put you right into one of the densest jungles in the world - at the edge of human domain. 


We work with and around the wet and dry seasons to plan for optimum colors, wind, water turbulence of the coasts, the lushness factor and keeping you and gear as dry as possible, within the spirit of adventure. Many locals, including Jackson, believe that the wet season is also the lush green season and offers richer colors and more textures. The increased clouds after a heavy rain and well watered foliage can leave everything looking rather spectacular. The dry season often comes with winds that turn the waters choppy and turbid - not that crystal clear Caribbean aqua color we are after in photography, but in the mountains the dry season reveals golden hues that contrast well with the evergreen tropical trees and plants. So we try to time adventures to get the best of both dimensions. We are targeting Spring adventures in April and May and Winter adventures in November & December. 

We limit ourselves to 10 people per Adventure trip, plus a professional photographer(s) and naturalist guide(s).

We now provide guided Photo/Video Adventures beginning this year here in Panama, expanding to Costa-Rica in 2018, Ecuador and Bolivia in 2019. We will explore lands of outstanding diversity in peoples, animals, birds, flowers and grand vegetation from the Andes to the Amazon, from cloud forests and dense tropical jungles.  Absolutely glorious and very affordable. 


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